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off a settlement and to myself and east bay family hit hard bthieves have they manage to make off with half million police have to work with thrill of a lifetime last weekend at the little world series but tonight at the oakland coliseum prize possession gone out thieves may doctor phil feel when they made off with his 1957 chevy. it was all part of the livelihood of one bay area a family more than half million dollars of diamonds: cash and precious metals stolen from their house the family wonders
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what they will do reporter don knapp with a one clue police have to go on crime not a worry in this upscale hercules neighborhood. neighbors are concerned how the burglars and of this home and made off with 6 $9,000 in jewels he said only a few outsiders and crews work on is on a new we have a safe whoever came through this window, can write for it they did not touch anything he came home the evening of august 20th and notice something ms i said all my life is on in the door is open i went here and then i said what happened to my safe it was right here the safe was here this way but up and door was open the jury inside gone five
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hundred 89 items family heirlooms gold chains necklace the loss of $700,000 in cash was staggering to the home owner my wife is crying every day how we survive now hercules police say they've checked pawnshops in four counties for the distinctive indian jewelry. they're devastated by the loss but help tips and police work will return the family jewels. don knapp cbs 5 latina as the targets of a gang of thieves in a crime wave in the east bay. oakland police a gunman sneak up on women in fruit fell never happened when the crooks don't get what they want the crime
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turns violent. when the women don't have cash on hand they are sexually assault in the perpetrator is a where these people are afraid to come forward and make reports to police police believe the women are undocumented and do not speak english the suspect described as african-american men in their 20's or '40's burlington a neighborhood on alert to amend spotted and impersonating pg&e workers the men tried to gain access to homes on poppy drive residents say the impostors wear hard hats and that's the man asked to check corrosion on gas meters both laugh when asked to show id police said ms. a good reminder to ask for company id. petaluma national little league team honored today by the oakland a's at the coliseum a chance of a lifetime the team got to go on the field and
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stretch with the pros and play catch get some autographs this happen before the a's and red sox game this evening. for little leaguers it was something they will never forget. not a lot of kids from petaluma get to go to the oakland coliseum and stretch with the oakland a's and get their autographs. that is so cool. petaluma his team finished 5-to an end ceres + the heart record to 10 the sea after coming back from a 10-5 deficit a parade honoring the team this sunday. this weekend marks the beginning of football season for many high schools and colleges in san jose was more than the first kickoff reporter mark sayre says at trivia into a war hero.
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the castro valley trojans kicked off the game and celebration of the light that and legacy the scam honors the man who could be the most well- known of all servicemen killed in afghanistan at tillman he played for leland and this is the first annual at tillman legacy klass said that small meri said the support from the school means a lot to the family. the sadness and negativity this is a positive thing tillman turn down a $3 million contract from arizona cardinals and join the army rangers in aftermath of 911 attacks he was killed in action in 2004 and was a case of friendly fire. rudy perez said teammate the man of sports everything he did one hundred percent
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tillman was honored before the game to elements mom and toss the game's opening: and given that team ring from her son's winning season. the story is amazing not just how he died but how he left these teams plan not only for victory but for a man who was once one of them an inspiration to them all mark sayre cbs 5 despite the gesture is on the modern leland high school came up short in castro valley beat the tigers new details about the hands of buyers in yosemite it is worse than thought park rangers say as many as 10,000 people may have been exposed to the illness. there are six confirmed cases
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and two deaths. campers exposed when a ban in the park between june and august stan and curry village and tent cabins 91 in those cabins closed during a rescue on san francisco bay a 51 year old man recovering from being tossed in the waters when the sale boat overturned. this happened and san mateo bridge at 5:00 p.m. both taken to redwood city marina for medical attention no word on their condition. san jose firefighter who collapsed at the church fire brought at of a medically induced coma when doctors say he is ready frank ryan had a heart attack outside st. patrick's cathedral is firefighters revive him and at his side ever since. with that 23 firefighters in the hospital at all times waiting for updates and
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supporting each other the biggest thing we are saying frank is not dead, he is waiting to wake up and crack a joke. ryan remains in critical but stable condition. checking other headlines the formal ribbon cutting ceremony for the branded trace elementary school several classrooms to strike and an arson fire in 2010, insurance put up $8 million to repair many of school supplies also donated. san francisco's future archbishop formally charged with two misdemeanor counts of d u i, the rev. was stopped at a checkpoint in san diego he had a blood alcohol level above the legal limit. he has apologized to the current bishop of oakland he is scheduled to be installed of the
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archbishop of san francisco in october. an elderly driver accused of running down a bicyclist has been charged with attempted murder harry smith, 82, arrested two weeks ago and a repeat case of road rage. the bicyclist survived some of the 7 $1 million bail. dumbarton bridge close this labor day weekend it began at 8:00 p.m. tonight until 5:00 a.m. tuesday morning. it is part of their retrofit project. click on the traffic page at cbs s f dot com another closure and san francisco fremont to howard to mission street closed until tuesday morning part of the construction of the new trends bay transit terminal. so happy i have the chance
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to make some they're rich he won the lottery mr. resolve the man worth millions steps forward how the lucky lottery winner was found at. what you want me to tell romney? i can't do that dirty harry's one-man show at the republican national convention political insiders are saying today. we offer security for veterans whether its employment align array with a sense of pride and purpose a former marine gives new he got rich in a matter of
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moments and came forth as the bay area's numerous millionaire and won a 52 million-dollar jackpot it bought the ticket at the liquor mart in fremont in july, the mega wenner has been and make a mystery until today. we did know that was less he get checking and rechecking the ticket to make sure he was seeing what he thought he was saying no word on whattya plans to do with the winnings indecision 2012 mitt romney
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scheduled a surprise visit to louisiana today survey the damage from hurricane isaac and talk to rescue workers, the talk in political circles was more about current east woods speech then the newly minted nominate anthony mason with what has become the talk of social media and a convention of the was corrected to the second klan east wets appearance the only unrehearsed moments dirty harry when rogue the 82 year-old actor spoke to in an empty chair the furniture was a backstage request according to an official he asked to prop person to bring the chair out and the proper some thought he would set and instead he launched into a conversation with the phantom president it may be time for a businessman
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in his at that romney officials say was improvised east would imagine the president answering back what you mean shut up? what you want me to tell romney i can tell him then he can do that to himself east was scheduled to speak for five minutes but ignored the red light to wrap up and spoke for twice as long traffic on twitter about the bizarre speech spiked the romney campaign rushed out a statement even as the candidate delivered his acceptance speech judge in an american i lawn through the typical political lens does not work. his ad libbing of break from the of the political speeches the crowd enjoyed it. the obama campaign tweeted a picture of the president with the caption " this heat is taken " it was east what who was the
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top trending topic on google. one republican official told cbs news political director eastwood was not scripted they didn't want to rein in creativity but after a senior run the adviser rolled his eyes an acknowledged it was a distraction when they could not turn off as another official put it it is clint eastwood if elvis wants to sing a song to turn off his mike? anthony mason cbs news in livermore a winery says it makes its wine with honor courage and bravery and is operated by veterans. juliette goodrich with more. me josh line i've done three deployments former marine turned winemaker at tasty did not care for i have no respect for it and then all of a sudden i love and
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when he was discharge from the marines he found his mission helped veterans through want he calls it valor of winery and the greatest thing we have our veterans veterans who otherwise would not have a job like shame as connors what happens here is where the magic happens when josh first started out he knew nothing about one he turned to the resource we often turn to youtube. this winery and a warehouse and livermore with 1 a. of vineyards employs dozens of veterans and ships out boxes of winds throughout the country. we offer security for veterans whether some form of employment this man worked in the air force and now works at the winery
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on or like a team we have camaraderie josh welcomes visitors to the tasting room and wants everyone to know valor winds and makes it honor courage and bravery. juliette goodrich cbs 5 another piece of san francisco culinary history served diskettes final meal caesar's restaurant in north beach closed about 45 minutes ago and that an open at bay and pallas street since 1956 generations of customers flock to caesars for the classic ambience and fair the diminishing number of diners led to its closing. a reward is offered for the return of dr. phil mcgraw's classic car. it is offered by the shop in burbank this 1957 chevy bel air
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stolen on monday and more expensive cars were passed out in favor of the tv hosts classic ride our regional of that task force now investigates. the term blue moon is up for debate but no doubt we can see the full moon tonight the second full moon of the calendar month and next time you'll see one will talk about that as eyewitness news continues on
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isaac weekends tonight it marches north ward louisiana state officials got the first look at the storm devastation this is left the near new orleans karen brown shows us the struggle for locals to resume their lives. cisco gonzales can only get to a song by boat. flood us flood submerged street signs is it caused a levee to
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break that overwhelmed the town. i went from no water to six and half the of water within minutes after the storm gonzales and friends used boats to rescue neighbors the could not say if a disabled couple inside this home who drowned. we went back and forth before they passed away in a terrible thought hurricane to training class and his last home near new orleans he has to rebuild again after i sit down 11 ft. of water in his new home we'er two men have feet above katrina water i thought we were safe. they expected to be several more days before the water is down to street level even livestock funds dry ground they're letting folks and back on the case by case basis to gather what is left oil.
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josh broadcasts as nothing left at his house we lost most of the pictures we had of the kids many in this community of 500 said they will not come back frustrated and feeling abandoned their and outside of the federal levee system that protected new orleans karen brown cbs news the clouds parted so we could capture the second full month in august the first was august 1st the second one comes tonight you get a good glimpse as we call a blue moon during we have areas of low clouds and fog parting just enough to capture the c-net view. the next time we see a bemoaned july 2015, currently with partly
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cloudy conditions we topped at 60 in san francisco. currently 58 degrees here. overnight some autumn in the air. mid 50s man view. some fog and drizzle over nine hours whacking at two warmer saturday extended forecast calls for temperatures to pop in the inland areas. future cast take a look at the clouds of a way to the sacramento valley they begin to trail off towards the lunch hour, only partial clearing their no clearing if you go statewide to eureka smoke in the vicinity of redding mid to high '80s throughout the central valley. pristine conditions in lake tahoe. '60s and '70s peninsula. mid '80s in brentwood 79 in wine
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country and napa low 80's sonoma. the forecast 10 degrees warmer by sunday. that is our pinpoint forecast. a wake-up call for the giants today against the cubs the a's okay, here's the plan.
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stanford football and all they could handle from 26. underdog san jose state at the opener for both the cardinal lines on to win 20-17.
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now petaluma little leaguers at the field with the oakland a's and jonnie gomes with an rbi single in the second put the a's up. the kids had a reason to celebrate. josh donaldson and a two run jack now it is 4-0. the onslaught and get started. brandon moss destroys this one, the second deck for rbis and four runs. a's scored nine runs in the seventh inning capped off by josh reddick fouls grand slam the a's centaur the red sox and 20-2. giants rough afternoon at wrigley field. the play was reviewed and ruled out a home run during andy roddick square last a couple more days he beats his opponent
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in straight sets at the u.s. open. he announced his retirement. [ female announcer ] you want family dinner to be special. dad, we want pizza. you guys said tacos. [ female announcer ] it doesn't always work out that way. you know what? we're spending too much money on eating out anyway. honey, come look at this. [ female announcer ] my money map from wells fargo is a free online tool that helps you track your spending. so instead of having to deal with a tight budget,
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you could have a tighter family. ♪ wells fargo. together we'll go far.
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